Gall Force: Eternal Story (ガルフォース ETERNAL STORY) for the NEC PC-88

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Game description:

Gall Force: Eternal Story is a Japanese-style adventure game based on the anime of the same name.

Two advanced civilizations, the amoeba-like Paranoids and the all-female Solnoids, are waging a war that has gone on for many centuries. When the Solnoid fleet leaves a battle to defend an experimentally terraformed world from the Paranoids, one damaged Solnoid ship is separated from the fleet. This ship is a Kularis-class cruiser named the Star Leaf. Aboard the ship are only seven women: Captain Eluza, Rabby, Pilot Lufy, Officer Catty, Pony, Patty, and Remy. After narrowly escaping a battle, the Star Leaf crew decides to continue with their orders and rendezvous at planet Chaos to defend it. However, their ship is the subject of an experiment, a plan which was secretly hatched by the leaders of both races which came into fruition during the battle, and the unsuspecting crew of seven Solnoid soldiers aboard the ship is caught up in the middle. The Star Leaf crew must now defend the artificial paradise of Chaos from the Paranoid fleet and foil the plans of the Solnoid leaders.

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