It's Not Easy MV - Wicked City - Anime

My rendition of the classic scene between Taki and Makie from 妖獸都市 Wicked City. Enjoy the full version of Hitomi Tohyama's haunting ballad:
It's Not Easy.

LYRICS: It's Not Easy by Penny Hitomi Tohyama

Once again, you're trying to find a way
Silent moment here, tell me what you wanna say
Something has changed now I'm a stranger to you
I pray inside, oh lord don't let this be true
Love now, fragile like a glass
Slowly crumbling down, please make it stop
It's not easy, when I still love you so
How can I say goodbye
Smile and say, that it's just a silly joke
My darling, before I break down and cry
Oh please don't turn away. don't you understand for me,
It's not easy

In the rain, I cry as I walk alone
Each time headlight shines, it flashes back your loving smile
Softly, the snowflakes falls and touches my face
I thought it was the hand of God from above
Telling me that I will survive
Telling me there's time for everything
It's not easy, but I'll get over you
Footsteps I left behind
Melting in the snow, leaving not a trace
My darling, everything's covered white, oh such a pretty sight
Making all my pain inside, nice and breezy

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