Deploy in Just Two Days NATO New Spearhead Force, Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF)

NATO’s new Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), or "spearhead" force, is some units will be ready to deploy in just two days, whilst the majority of units will be ready to move in less than seven days. In ensuring a high level of readiness the VJTF will be regularly exercised and deployed at short notice.

The VJTF comprises a multinational brigade (approximately 5,000 troops), with up to five manoeuvre battalions, supported by air, maritime and special forces. Once fully operational, the VJTF will be supplemented by two additional brigades, as a rapid-reinforcement capability, in case of a major crisis.

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NATO(北大西洋条約機構)の新しい緊急即応部隊「高度即応統合任務部隊」(Very High Readiness Joint Task Force / VJTF)。

先遣部隊(Spearhead Force)とも称される、最大5つの機動部隊からなる約5,000人規模の多国籍旅団で、空・海・特殊部隊のサポートを受けて、危機の際は幾つかの部隊は2日以内に展開し、他の部隊も7日以内に展開可能な準備がされている。



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