Super Robot Showcase: Three Servants from “Babel II” (OVA) / スパロボショーケース:「バビル2世」(OVA)の三つのしもべ

What if Koichi Yamano, Rodem, Ropross, and Poseiden from Babel 2 were in Super Robot Wars? An ability showcase.

Babel II was originally a manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, one of several works of Yokoyama’s works prominently featuring giant robots while predating the piloted robots of Mazinger Z. Babel II has been adapted in animated form multiple times; this four episode OVA is the second adaptation, featuring a combination of the manga content as well as content original to the OVA itself.

The story of Babel II follows Koichi Yamano, a boy who discovers his powerful psychic abilities and inherits the technology of the extraterrestrial Babel who had crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago. Headquartered at the ruins of the Tower of Babel, Koichi soon finds himself in conflict against Yomi, another powerful psychic who has assembled a paramilitary organization with its own advanced technology in pursuit of world conquest.

Besides his own psychic powers, Koichi is also aided by his three servants, part of the advanced technology inherited from Babel. While Rodem the shapeshifting panther is a living creature, the pterodactyl-like Ropros and humanoid Poseidon are giant robots.

For clarity, the subtitles here are not mine.


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