2017年1月11日発売のLIVE DVD & Blu-ray『The Dinner』より「MAGIC」の映像をフルサイズで公開!

SEKAI NO OWARI LIVE DVD & Blu-ray『The Dinner』
2017年 1月11日(水)リリース
[DVD] TFBQ-18185 / ¥6,900+税
[Blu-ray]TFXQ-78141 / ¥7,300+税

キャリアの中で今まで培ってきた「ファンタジー」という方法論を一度破壊することから始まった「The Dinner」。一枚の絵画や一つの映画を感じさせるような「アート」というキーワードを根幹に、まるで芸術作品の様に「ライブ」という概念を昇華。今までのSEKAI NO OWARIのイメージをリセットし、ゼロから新しい自分たちの表現を追求した。

計算し尽くされた展開と演出に自然と寄り添う「幻の命」「スターライトパレード」「RPG」「Dragon Night」など新旧の代表曲が余すことなく披露される。

また、英語詞の未発表曲「Monsoon Night」「Mr.Heartache」、また今ツアー初披露となった「MAGIC」など余すことなく披露されたステージをフルセットリストでパッケージ。

03.Love the warz -rearranged-
04.Never Ending World
08.Death Disco
09.Monsoon Night
16.Dragon Night 
18.Fight Music 

※副音声:「CHAN'T SLEEP FANTASY NIGHT番外編コメンタリー version」

SEKAI NO OWARI オフィシャルサイト


End of the World

End of the World is currently one of Japan’s most popular and skilled creative groups.

The group is comprised of four distinctly talented members: Nakajin (group leader, lead guitar, sound production); Fukase (lead vocals, group conceptualist); Saori (stage production, piano); and the masked clown DJ LOVE (sonic palette, comedic stage banter).

These four childhood friends grew even closer while collectively managing the live music venue clubEARTH, which they built from the ground up. The members were living on the premises as they developed the concept and direction of what would eventually become End of the World.

Now their combined passion and deep personal connections have led to unprecedented success as one of Japan’s premier music acts, culminating with their latest album, Tree, (January 2015) charting at #1 on the hit charts.

And in July of 2015 they performed two sold out shows at Japan’s largest venue, Nissan Stadium. Roughly the size of London’s Olympic Stadium, Nissan Stadium seats 70,000 people and both shows sold out in a matter of hours.

The group’s originality and creativity known as “TOKYO FANTASY” are highlighted by their massive fantasy stage setup, a high-concept, reality-redefining magic treehouse and exotic town known as “TOKYO FANTASY”. Such fearlessness in stage design and entertainment value has become the envy of the Japanese music industry.

End of the World have performed all over Japan, including a 9 city, 15 performance arena tour that brought in more than 200,000 fans, and have sold out the legendary Budokan (of Beatles fame). With multiple commercial tie-ins, features in TV and movies, they have conquered the Japanese music scene.

And now, after years of preparation, End of the World is ready to take their originality and imaginative shows to music fans all over the world.

In 2014 the group collaborated with the popular American act OWLCITY, inviting him as a special guest for a major live event. In return the American featured End of the World in his worldwide release “TOKYO” ( ).

Additionally, the group worked with renowned Dutch DJ / Producer Nicky Romero on the release of their hit single “Dragon Night”.

Their success is also evident on YouTube, as their massive 2013 hit “RPG”, has reached more than 100 million views on the social video site. ( )

SEKAI NO OWARI also performed the official theme song for the movie “Attack on Titan”, based on the world famous comic book.
Part 1:ANTI-HERO ( )
Part 2: SOS ( )

With their foot already in the international music scene End of the World became the very first Japanese artist to join the MTV World Stage in Malaysia this year ( ), along with a stellar lineup including Jason Derulo and Carly Rae Jepsen, among others.

Their inimitable talent and ability to appeal to a wide range of listeners has put them at the top of Japan’s current generation of artists. With their recent collaborations and multi-media projects the group is quickly spreading their brand around the globe. This is only the beginning for End of the World; a whole new world awaits.

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