MNL48 IKAW ANG MELODY dance practice

Hello Danababies, MNLoves. ❣️ how are you all? I hope y’all doing fine. As promised ikaw ang melody has reached 1M views! here’s our dance practice in japan last time. I hope you’ll like it 😍

MNL48 had never been a hindrance to my studies, as you can see I was still wearing my PE school uniform that time, because after school I went straight to MNL48 rehearsal. If you love what you do you will always find time to do both ☺️ I always do my best to balance being a full time student and being an idol.✨ i miss you all mnloves I hope this pandemic will end soon and so we can go back to our normal lives 💕 always take care and I love you all! 🥰

with my sisters #MNL48Abby, #MNL48Brei, #MNL48Rans, #MNL48Kay, #MNL48Coleen, #MNL48Amy, former MNL48 Cess ✨

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