Gall Force: Eternal Story OVA SP [1986] ガルフォース 銀河女戰士 宇宙章

Two major forces that continue to fight in the vast universe. Galactic war rages between amoeban Paranoids and all-female Solnoids. Solnoid battleship, Star Leaf, with crew of seven is sent to defend Chaos, a planet that's being terraformed. However, they're part of an experiment. The liquid life form Paranoid and the single-reproductive humanoid Solnoid dwelling in the mechanical skeleton have entered into a fierce battle over the new world chaos of the 9th star system. The Solnoid army cruise ship Starleaf was hit during the battle and left the fleet. We headed for chaos with the seven surviving crew members. The surviving crew discovers the amazing plans that both armies have been secretly pursuing as they collapse one by one in the pursuit of the Paranoid Guard Fleet.

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