Celebrating a timeless classic.

Flash Back 2012 is Minmei's farewell concert. Featuring some of her best songs, the music is performed over various scenes and events taken from Macross TV as well as Macross "Do You Remember Love". Also included is a newly animated closing sequence showing the launch of Misa's colony vessel, the Megaroad-01, into space.

Angel’s Paints (Part 1) 00:23
Sunset Beach 02:24
0-G Love 05:51
Shao Pai Long 06:55
Silver Moon, Red Moon 08:21
Love Passes Away (Part 2) 10:54
Cinderella 15:36
Do You Remember Love? 16:55
Angel's Paints (Part 2) 24:28
Runner 28:10

Description: ANN
Track Titles: https://web.archive.org/web/20180527171120/http://macross.anime.net//production/animation_live_action/flash_back/index.html

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