Wordfence Setup Tutorial & Firewall Settings (Free version)

You’ll learn the basic setup for the free version of WordFence – this is considered a must have plugin by many WordPress users. You’ll learn the install process, 2FA and some more detail on getting the “extended protection” status on your firewall (i.e. how to optimize the Wordfence firewall).

We work through the instructions on the WordFence docs here:

Mainly focusing on setting this up for siteground, but similar steps can be applied for many other cPanel hosts.

We also touch on the user.ini issue for some NGNIX setups.

Video index is here:

@1:47 Standard auto install and general options setup

@7:17 Two Factor authentication

@10:41 Manual setup method for SiteGround

@15:31 Manual setup for some other shared cPanel hosting services – full article is here:

@16:23 NGNIX, hiding user.ini – often needed on NGNIX VPS setups

Hope it’s helpful 🙂

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