DOCUMENTARY of SKE48 公開決定のお知らせ

AKB48 グループ初の快挙となった単独ドームコンサートは大成功。7月リリースのシングルでは、オリコン週間シングルチャートにて 11 作 連続で1位を獲得。結成6周年を迎え勢いが止まらないSKE48。そんな名古屋発の人気アイドルグループを追ったドキュメンタリー映画が ついに誕生する!

結成以来、撮り続けられてきた膨大な記録映像と今回新たに収録されるメンバーインタビューなどで構成。中でも注目は舞台裏で撮られた秘蔵 VTRの数々。今までテレビや特典映像では公開できなかったリアルな姿が、本作にて続々解禁する!

第1期オーディションで秋元康総合プロデューサーに「ダイヤの原石を見つけた」と言わせた、当時 11歳の松井珠理奈。一方、歌もダンスも未 経験、劇場公演では最後列からのスタートとなった松井玲奈。対照的な両エースがSKE48 を一大アイドルグループへと押し上げ、自らも総選挙 において珠理奈が第4位、玲奈が第5位を獲得するまでに至った、その波乱に満ちた 6 年間の道のりをカメラは赤裸々に描いていく!

メンバー大量卒業の裏で起きた出来事とは!? 須田亜香里と松村香織はなぜ躍進できたのか!? W松井が初めて明かす「SKE48 の未来」とは!?

一糸乱れぬダンスで団結力を見せつけたかと思えば、楽屋では意見をぶつけ合っての大ゲンカ。 そんな“熱量の高さ”で知られるSKE48。 スクリーンから匂い立つ若さと躍動感。飛び散る汗と流れる涙!夢を追って疾走する少女たちの青春のすべてがここにある!


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DOCUMENTARY of SKE48 Performance Notification

The first brilliant achievement of the AKB48 Group, the individual Dome Concert was a huge success. The single released in July was ranked 1st in the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for the 11th title in a row. SKE48, after its 6th anniversary, is unstoppable. A documentary film that follows this popular idol group, originated in Nagoya will be created!

A combination of the immense amount of footage taken of the members since the group’s start and the newly filmed member interviews. Keep your eye out for the behind-the-scenes footage. Lots of footage that could not be aired on TV or was not included in any other bonus footage will be included!

Jurina Matsui, who was 11 at the time of the audition of the 1st graduating class, made General Producer Yasushi Akimoto say that he has “found a diamond in the rough”. In opposition, Rena Matsui, with no previous singing or dancing experiences, started out in the last row. The 2 contrastive aces push SKE48 to the top of idol groups and individually, Jurina and Rena have ranked in as 4th and 5th, respectively, in the Selected Election. The camera frankly illustrates the 6 years filled with many ups and downs!

What is the truth behind the graduation of many of the members!? Why were Akari Suda and Kaori Matsumura able to make a breakthrough!? What is “the future of SKE48” that the Double Matsuis (Jurina and Rena) speak of!?

Right when we thought we saw their strong bond and unity through their perfect dance, they have a huge fight backstage. SKE48 is known for their high intensity and burning passion. The liveliness and youngness that you can smell right off of the screen. The all of the girls’ youth as they chase their dreams full of tears and sweat is right here!

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