【MV full】 大声ダイヤモンド / AKB48 [公式]

AKB48 10thシングル「大声ダイヤモンド」
作詞:秋元康 作曲:井上ヨシマサ



2008.10.22 ON SALE

【MV】Oogoe Diamond (Diamond, Shout it Out) / AKB48 [Official] AKB48 10th Single “Oogoe Diamond”
Lyrics: Yasushi Akimoto / Composer: Yoshimasa Inoue

“Shout it out and it’ll turn to diamond”
This is a hyper-pop tune that expresses the word, “I love you!” and all your intense feelings in full blast!!

2008.10.22 ON SALE

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