History Of House Music – Best Of 1999

0:00:01 Salomé De Bahia- Outro lugar
0:03:15 Spiller- Batucada
0:05:48 Moloko- Sing it back (Can 7 Supermarket Mix)
0:08:18 Scorpions & Mousse T- To be number 1
0:10:02 Lady Plus & Discotexx- Got to love somebody (Milk & Sugar Remix)
0:11:59 Supakings- Back and forth
0:14:26 Basement Jaxx- Miracles keep on playin
0:17:01 Armand Van Helden- You don’t know me
0:19:02 Phats & Small- Music for pushchairs
0:21:00 Junior Jack- My feeling
0:22:59 Junior Sanchez- Be with you
0:25:28 Phats & Small- Turn around
0:28:11 Balearic Sound Collective- People from Ibiza
0:31:23 Pete Walshe- Summer love (Djing In Heaven Mix)
0:34:35 PJ- Happy days (PJ’s Mix)
0:36:48 Gary Blade- Gimme your love (Tommyboy & Gary Remix)
0:38:54 Love & Peace Orchestra- Holding on (Olav Basoski Remix)
0:41:07 Dj Phenix- Do you love me (Olav Basoski Remix)
0:44:26 Avant Garde- Get down
0:46:12 Topazz- New Millenium (Freezzy Jam Mix)
0:48:10 Chily Hifly- Is it love
0:50:38 Joey Negro- Can’t get high without you (Sessomatto Dub)
0:53:20 Cheek- Venus (Dj Gregory Remix)
0:55:12 Stardust- Music sounds better with you
0:58:05 Thee Maddkatt Courtship- My life muzik
1:00:44 Cassius- 1999
1:02:53 Cassius- Feeling for you
1:05:24 Kojak- You can’t stop it
1:08:19 Cunnie Williams- Saturday (Mousse T Mix)
1:11:20 SGT Slick- White treble black bass
1:13:36 Bob Sinclar- Ultimate funk
1:16:09 Nu Generation- In your arms (Aston Harvey Remix)
1:17:28 Lost’N’Alive- Everything I play
1:19:58 Nerio’s Dubwork- Sunshine and happiness
1:22:10 Phats & Small- Tonite
1:25:22 Diana Ross- Not over you yet (The Dronez Mix)
1:28:05 Bob Sinclar- My only love (Morillo & Romero Remix)
1:30:47 Powerhouse feat Duane Harden- What you need (Full Intention Mix)
1:34:58 Ministers De La Funk- Believe (Club Mix)
1:40:08 Michael Moog- That sound (Full Intention Mix)
1:43:19 New Vision- Just me and you (Joey Negro Mix)
1:45:22 Funkstar De Luxe & Bob Marley- Sun is shining
1:48:53 Triple X- Feel the same
1:51:50 Nerio’s Dubwork feat Darryl Pandy- Feel it
1:54:19 Phats & Small- Feel good
1:56:40 Mastermind- Free to do whatever
1:58:53 Funky Green Dogs- Fired up (Bini & Martini Mix)
2:01:04 Stephane Malca- Next to you (Bibi’s Mix)
2:02:49 ATFC- In and out of my life (Knee Deep Mix)
2:05:17 Soulsearcher- Can’t get enough (Jazz’N’Groove Mix)
2:07:30 Soulsearcher- Can’t get enough
2:08:57 Capriccio- Everybody get up (Jazz’N’Groove Mix)
2:11:48 Cunnie Williams- A world celebration (Mousse T Vocal Mix)
2:14:38 CZR feat Darryl Pandy- Bad enough (Henry Street Mix)
2:17:06 The Messengers- Spread love (Brian Tappert Mix)
2:19:45 Monday Michiru- Sunshine after the rain (Knee Deep Dub)
2:22:34 Terry Hunter- Sweet music
2:24:21 BMR feat Felicia- Check it out (Knee Deep Dub Mix)
2:26:31 Dj Romain & Danny Krivit- Philly’s groove
2:29:06 Deep Sensation- Somehow somewhere (Cleptomaniacs Mix)
2:31:33 Capriccio- Crescendo
2:34:01 Eclipse- Makes me love you (Morning Star Mix)
2:36:58 Circa feat Destry- Sun shining down (Mr Pink Mix)
2:39:26 The 3 Jays- Feeling it too
2:41:53 Subsystem feat Pepper Mashay- Right back to love (Bini & Martini Dub)
2:43:45 MAW feat India- To be in love (Full Intention Dub)
2:46:42 Da Mob feat Jocelyn Brown- It’s all good (Full Intention Mix)
2:49:54 House Of Glass- Playin with my mind (Ocean Dub)
2:51:52 Eddie Amador- Rise (CZR Vocal)
2:54:20 Robbie Rivera- The ultimate disco groove
2:56:47 Serious Danger- Do U dream (Murk Mix Oscar G Mega Dub)
2:58:47 Antoine Clamaran- Do the funk
3:00:36 Harry Choo Choo Romero feat Inaya Day- Just can’t get enough (Robbie Rivera Dub)
3:02:07 The Choo Choo Project- Hazin and phazin
3:05:06 Mike Delgado- Byrd Man’s revenge
3:08:03 Pete Heller- Big love (The Dronez Dub)
3:11:45 Donna Allen- He is the joy (Jose Nunez Dub)
3:14:12 Paul Johnson- Get get down (Harry Choo Choo Romero Mix)
3:16:25 Danny Rampling- Community of the spirit (Constipated Monkeys Mix)
3:18:38 Jam & Spoon- How Stella got her groove back (Wackside Mix)
3:21:52 Halo & Hipp E- Got da feeling
3:24:49 Phunkie Souls- Tha music (Knee Deep Club Mix)
3:27:08 Jean Philippe Aviance- Useless
3:29:35 Jose Nunez- Hold on
3:32:49 Full Intention- A definite strangeness
3:35:39 Alexander O’Neal- Criticize (Bini & Martini Mix)
3:37:59 Full Intention- Everybody loves the sunshine
3:40:56 Jose Nunez feat Octavhia- In my life (The Dronez Dub Mix)
3:42:55 Full Intention- I need your love (Full Intention Mix)
3:45:08 Armand Van Helden- The boogie monster
3:48:49 Session #9- Welcome to the magic sessions (Harry Choo Choo Romero Remix)
3:51:17 Studio 45- I like the sounds (Dj Sneak Remix)
3:53:45 Bob Sinclar- The ghetto
3:55:57 MFO- I know (Super Nova Mix)
3:58:40 Cevin Fisher feat Loleatta Holloway- Burnin up
4:00:53 Big Time Charlie- On the run
4:03:06 Studio 45- Freak it (Disco Elements Remix)
4:05:04 Babe Instinct- Disco babes from outer space
4:07:09 Fatty Acid- In space (C&M Remix)
4:09:37 Jark Prongo- Shake it (Club 69 Remix)
4:12:35 Dj Eric- We are love
4:14:38 Roger Sanchez- I never knew

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