END ALS "ありがたいお言葉。Thankful words." 岡沢高宏

声を失った藤田ヒロのかわりにどうか、ヒロの声になってください。その声は希望です。BE HIRO`S VOICE. MAKE THE WORLD LISTEN. http://end-als.com/ https://www.facebook.com/endalswithhiro



まず何よりも、治療法の確立を求め戦っています。 また、苦しみの中で治療を待ち続けている患者に、最新・最良の心地よいケアの提供を求めています。 これは、特権ではなく、ALS患者全員が持つ当然の権利です。



END ALSではこれらの保険制度を改善するべく、様々な角度から政府に働きかけます。END ALS 協会でこれら介護用品を購入し、ALS患者に提供する等、即実行可能な施策を自ら行い、政府に示すことによって取り組み強化を促します。

END ALS - What We Do

END ALS is an action group that was formed around Hiro Fujita to fight ALS.

Foremost, we are fighting for a cure. But we're also seeking for the latest and best comfort care for patients enduring their suffering as they wait for a cure. We consider this to be a right and not a privilege for all ALS patients. In order to realize these goals, we have to get a as many people as possible to learn about this disease.

Through state-of-the-art technology, it is possible for ALS patients to lead a life that's close to normal and painless as possible.
However, in most public medical insurance policies, nursing care products that utilize these technologies are defined
as luxury items and not essential necessities.

END ALS works to change this system by approaching the government from various angles, including taking proactive measures—such as purchasing
these items and providing them to patients—to demonstrate the
need for the government to take stronger action.

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