Super Robot Showcase: Battle Skippers from “Battle Skipper” / スパロボショーケース:「美少女遊撃隊バトルスキッパー」のバトルスキッパー

What if BSX-1 Testa Road, BSX-2 Sky Cats, BSX-3 Mega Diver, BSX-4 Night Walker, and BSX-5 Gran Buster from “Battle Skipper” was in Super Robot Wars? An ability showcase.

Battle Skipper was a toy line introduced by Tomy, consisting of wire coontrolled robots which could fight each other. While there is also a manga, this video is based on the three episode Battle Skipper OVA, which introduces its own story to capitalize on the recent popularity of Sailor Moon.

The Battle Skipper OVA is set in and around an elite girl’s school, where a student club linked to a wealthy family-owned industrial giant promises power and status to its members, but also engages in crime to secure its power. Our heroes are members of a rival club tied to a branch of the same family, who have decided to instead use their advanced weapons technology to fight for justice.

While the OVA is generally lighthearted, it should be noted that the second episode contains content that may be disturbing or triggering to some viewers.

For clarity, the subtitles here are not mine.


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