Robotech Macross 1.5 Episode 3 Jungle Fervor

After a near fatal case of mistaken identity, Elwood and Steve find themselves fast tracked through a military tribunal leaving them with little time and fewer options to find the Infiltrator!

With the launch of the SDF-1 only a few days away, will our Robotech defenders catch the spy and restore their reputations? or will the Anti-unification movement deal another blow to the United Earth Government and the people of Macross Island?

Join us for "Jungle Fervor" the 3rd exciting episode of Robotech, Macross 1.5

ROBOTECH: MACROSS 1.5 is a joint production between Fandom Power and "Reflex Point A Robotech Podcast".

ROBOTECH MACROSS 1.5 is an actual play podcast using the "ROBOTECH®: The Macross Saga Roleplaying Game" from Strange Machine Games.

Each new adventure will play out concurrently alongside the events depicted in ROBOTECH: The Macross Saga, and should be largely recognizable to ROBOTECH fans.

But this is a new band of heroes forging their own path! And things will almost certainly play out differently then you remember!

Thanks for joining us as we honour the seminal show that shaped an entire generation of kids! Like, share and subscribe because there is lots more to come!


ROBOTECH: MACROSS 1.5 is recorded using Streamyard.

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