- Hard Reset Freetel ICE 2 PLus chạy lại chương trình
- Forget Password Freetel ICE 2 Plus
-Xem thêm các dòng Hard Reset Freetel chạy lại chương trình : https://goo.gl/iq8iJK
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If you are the unlucky guy who happened to forget the unlock password on your Android, the method introduced above won't help at all. Since you can't access the phone, factory reset your device in Recovery Mode is the ideal way for you now.
Simply turn off your device:
- Then Press and hold together Volume Up + Power Button
- When you see Boot Mode
- Press to "Volume Down" Recovery mode
- Press and hold Power button & Then Press to "Volume Down"
- Press to "Volume Down" | Press "Power Button" Select Wipe date/factory reset
- Press to "Volume Down" | Press "Power Button" Select Yes - Delete all user data in the option menu thus your Android is in the factory reset process.
- Then scroll to option "Reboot system now" and press Power button to accept this operation.

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