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Synopsis: The new Wuxia Martial Arts Action movie “Master So, Subduing Dragon Palms 降龍神掌蘇乞兒2” is about a story in Qing Dynasty. Two magistrates of the remote Linjiang County were successively killed by a python, which caused great panic among the public. The imperial guard So Qi’er and Tie Qiaosan were ordered to investigate the python murders in Linjiang county. When they came to Linjiang, they found that the worship of the Python God was popular, and the people were in dire straits. They two were left alone and joined the Beggars’ Sect to hide their identity and investigate the case. Later, Tie Qiaosan was trapped by love. So Qi’er was hurt by the Blissful Pill. With their inner faith in justice, they launched a final duel with the killer behind the scenes.

故事简介: 最新武侠动作电影《降龙神掌苏乞儿2 Master So, Subduing Dragon Palms》讲述了大清年间,偏远的临江县两任县令接连被蟒蛇所害,人心惶惶。御前侍卫苏乞儿和铁桥三临危受命,前往临江县探查蟒蛇杀人案。两人来到临江城,发现当地盛行祭拜蟒神,百姓陷入水深火热之中。两人孤立无援,加入丐帮隐藏身份探案,后来铁桥三为情所困,苏乞儿被极乐丸所害,凭借着内心对正义的信念,两人与幕后黑手展开了最后的决斗。

出品 Studio: 映美传媒 MSI Yingmei Media, 天联影视 Teelian Films
制片人 Produced by: 高锐 Gao Rui.
导演 Directed by: 陈笋 Chen Sun.
编剧 Screenplay by: 陈笋 Chen Sun, 潘健 Pan Jian.
主演 Starring: 林枫烨 Lin Fengye, 于欣妍 Yu Xinyan, 岳鹏飞 Yue Pengfei, 陆超娟 Lu Chaojuan.
题材 Genres: 武侠 Wuxia Martial Arts, 动作 Action.

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