Toyota Granvia 4WD - The perfect minivan!?!?

This Granvia is the very essence of Toyota 90’s practicality. It’s comfortable, reliable, and full-time 4WD. But does it beat out the Mitsubishi Delica Spacegear? Watch to find out!!

Make: Toyota
Model: Granvia / Q Twin Moonroof 4WD / KD-KCH16W
Year: 1996
Color: Platinum Silver Toning
Mileage: 111,000 miles
Engine: 1KZ-TE 3.0L Diesel / Turbocharged / Straight 4
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 7
Additional Features: Spoiler, ladder, electronic curtains, footrests

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Artist: An Jone
Track: Night Run Away

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