Metal Armor Dragonar ( 機甲戦記ドラグナー) op 2 full Starlight Serenade (スターライト・セレナーデ : 山瀬 まみ)

Metal Armor Dragonar opening 1 Yume-iro Chaser –
( 機甲戦記ドラグナー) : ( 夢色チェイサー : 鮎川 麻弥)

Metal Armor Dragonar ending 1 Illusion wo Sagashite –
(機甲戦記ドラグナー : イリュージョンをさがして : 鮎川 麻弥 )

Metal Armor Dragonar ending 2 Shiny Boy –
(シャイニーボーイ : 山瀬 まみ)

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Anime : Kiko Senki Dragonar (1987).

Opening 2 : Starlight Serenade by Mami Yamase.
スターライト・セレナーデ : 山瀬 まみ


Deep in the night in solitude,
I extend out my two hands shone by the stars,
As the tender starlight showers my body thoroughly.

I used to lean on his chest,
And listen to his burning heartbeats,
But those picturesque July days will never return.

Loving each other, and hurting each other,
The travelers of the Milky Way are quite foolish.

While wandering,
Fly away from your sorrows.
The love that you will surely find some day
Will be an everlasting cosmic love.
Believe in that future shrouded in fog…

Please turn my shed tears
Into rubies of bluish hues, and hold me tight,
Starlight, until my pain has gone away.

I once played a prank on him,
And left on his back my lipstick mark.
The thorns of that memory now pierces into my heart.

Distancing away, and then seeking each other,
The lovers at the end of the century are quite unfortunate.

In the wind…
Fly away from your sorrows,
and search for the continuation of your wakened dream.
Believe in the everlasting cosmic love,
And that future shrouded in fog.
Until the silvery cosmic love sparks in my chest,
Please keep shining on me…

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