Super Robot Showcase: Mellowlink from "Armor Hunter Mellowlink" / スパロボショーケース:「機甲猟兵メロウリンク」のメロウリンク

What if Mellowlink Arity from "Armor Hunter Mellowlink" was in Super Robot Wars? An ability showcase.

Armor Hunter Mellowlink is a 12 episode OVA series set in the universe of Armored Trooper VOTOMS. While many variants of the Scopedog and other robots appear in the series, the main character does not pilot one, instead often facing them using guerrilla tactics.

The story is set roughly at the same time as the beginning of the VOTOMS series, far into the future, and follows the former soldier Mellowlink Arity. Though assigned to be a pilot during an interplanetary war, his squad was chosen to act as decoys during a retreat and provided with minimal equipment. As the last survivor of his squadron, Mellowlink sets out on a quest of revenge, seeking to kill all of the superior officers in charge of the operation.

Mellowlink Arity previous appeared in Super Robot Wars X-Ω, a mobile game featuring tower defense-like gameplay. Lacking a robot to pilot, he instead rides his motorcycle from the first half of the series.

For clarity, the subtitles here are not mine.


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