Cybot Robotchi - Episode 03 (Japanese with English Closed Captions)

The third episode of Cybot Robotchi in Japanese with optional English closed captioned subtitles. Original broadcast date: October 21, 1982. Get ready for some baseball action.

NOTE: I had a really rough time trying to render this with hard subtitles, and failed miserably. So please turn the Closed Captions option on, as this was the only way I could provide an English translation for the episode. Sorry guys, it looks like the original file I got must've gotten corrupted of sorts, which is why the title screen looks all wonky.

These are all the episodes of Cybot Robotchi that I was ever able to get a hold of, so I won't be able to continue translating and subtitling the series even if I wanted to. This proves just how elusive this title is.

Japanese isn't my first language, so I apologize in advance for any very apparent mistranslations. The Italian dubs of Robottino are relatively faithful to the original source material, but even they take a fair number of liberties with the original script. I unfortunately don't know Italian, so I can't subtitle or translate the Italian localized version into English.

All rights reserved to the original copyright owners.

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