Signs Of The Times - Morning Session

This session will include some video updates of our work and Rev Willem Glashouwer will share a message.

Rev. Willem Glashouwer is an eminent Dutch Reformed evangelical theologian. He was born during World War 2 into a Dutch Reformed family that was active in the Resistance Movement and involved in hiding Jews. He is respected in his own country and was honoured with a knighthood in 2010 by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.

The Lord has given him a burden to share with the church the great significance of these days seen in the fulfilling of God’s prophetic Word to restore His ancient people, the Jews, in faithfulness to His covenant. He has written the books, ‘Why Israel?’, ‘Why Jerusalem? and ‘Why End Times?’  He believes it is a message the church needs to urgently hear so that Christians be alerted to the signs of the times and be in line with God’s heart and agenda as He fulfils His Kingdom purposes not only for the Jews but for people of all nations.

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