MNL48 7th Single 3rd General Election Announcement Senbatsu / DNA48

MNL48 7th Single 3rd General Election Announcement Senbatsu / DNA48

Final Results
1.Abelaine Trinidad (Team NIV) ( votes) (Senbatsu Center) (↑2)
2.Shekinah Arzaga (Team MII) ( votes) (↑2)
3.Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto (Team MII) ( votes) (↑3)
4.Ruther Marie Lingat (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑17)
5.Ella Mae Amat (Team L) ( votes) (REENTER)
6.Cristine Jan Elaurza (Team MII) ( votes) (↑5)
7.Sandee Garcia (Team MII) ( votes) (↑41)
8.Jemimah Caldejon (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑5)
9.Dana Yzabel Divinagracia (Team MII) ( votes) (↑25)
10.Gabrielle Skribikin (Team L) ( votes) (↑2)
11.Alice Margarita De Leon (Team MII) ( votes) (↓4)
12.Princess Rius Briquillo (Team MII) ( votes) (REENTER)
13.Lara Mae Layar (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑9)
14.Coleen Trinidad (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑4)
15.Althea Itona (Team L) ( votes) (↑2)
16.Christine Ann Coloso (Team L) ( votes) (↑11)

17.Ashley Nicole Somera (Team MII) ( votes) (Undergirls Center) (↑26)
18.Dana Leanne Brual (Team MII) ( votes) (↑19)
19.Dian Marie Mercado (Team L) ( votes) (↑13)
20.Alyssa Nicole Garcia (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑8)
21.Aubrey Binuya (Team NIV) ( votes) (↓1)
22.Guinevere Faith Muse (Team MII) ( votes) (REENTER)
23.Francese Therese Pinlac (Team L) ( votes) (NEW)
24.Jennifer Nandy Villaruel (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑18)
25.Miho Hoshino (Team NIV) ( votes) (↑6)
26.Kathlene Claire Apduhan (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
27.Amanda Isidto (Team L) ( votes) (↓2)
28.Klaryle Mercado (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
29.Jana Ross Angeles (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
30.Mary Grace Buenaventura (Team L) ( votes) (↓15)
31.Klaire Presno (Team MII) ( votes) (↑10)
32.Kaede Ishiyama (Team L) ( votes) (↓9)

Next Girls
33.Bhrianna Chriszell Chua (Trainee) ( votes) (Next Girls Center) (NEW)
34.Mariz Iyog (Team L) ( votes) (↓7)
35.Allyza Mae Roxas (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
36.Anne Nicole Casitas (Team NIV) ( votes) (NEW)
37.Lorelaine Sañosa (Team MII) ( votes) (↑2)
38.Trisha Labrador (Team NIV) ( votes) (NEW)
39.Charmaine Tosoc (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
40.Kyla Angelica Marie De Catalina (Team L) ( votes) (↓26)
41.Miyaka Montoro (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
42.Christina Samantha Tagana (Team MII) ( votes) (NEW)
43.Ruth Carla Dela Paz (Team NIV) ( votes) (NEW)
44.Aubrey Lopez (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
45.Rachel Frances Suazo (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
46.Mheijie Calis (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
47.Lorraine Pingol (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)
48.Christine Joyce Dela Cruz (Trainee) ( votes) (NEW)

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