The Huntresses Official Trailer (2013) - Sth Korean Action Movie

The Huntresses Trailer directed by Park Je-Hyun and starring Ha Ji-Won, Kang Ye-Won, Son Ga-In

Set in the Joseon Period, three beautiful musketeers fight against a powerful group who tries to overrun the royal family and gain power. The leader of the Beautiful Three Musketeers is Jin-Ok (Ha Ji-Won), a smart and righteous woman. Hong-Dan (Kang Ye-Won) is the only married woman among the three women. Ga-Bi (Son Ga-In) is the youngest among the musketeers and excels at fighting.

Release Date: May, 2013
Director: Park Je-Hyun
Cast: Ha Ji-Won, Kang Ye-Won, Son Ga-In, Son Ga-In, Joo Sang-Wook, Ko Chang-Seok
Genre: Action
Country: South Korea

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