WATCH: Astronaut Spacewalk Earth Views from NASA FEED #EarthfromSpace

Astronauts Spacewalk Earth views from ISS. Earth views as seen from the International Space Station with NASA astronauts Robert Behnken, Douglas Hurley and Chris Cassidy and Russia Anatoly Ivanishin and Ivan Vagner.

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ISS cameras will show LIVE and PRE-RECORDED footage.

Hurley will be a spacecraft commander on Crew Dragon Demo-2, joined by Robert L. Behnken as a joint operations commander.

DM-2 is the final major milestone for SpaceX’s human spaceflight system to be certified by NASA's Commercial Crew Program for operational crew missions.

After successfully docking, Behnken and Hurley will be welcomed aboard the station and will become members of the Expedition 63 crew.

Once Demo-2 is complete, four astronauts will fly on Dragon’s first six-month operational Crew-1 mission targeted for later this year.

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► Video courtesy by NASA

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